Wednesday 17 July 2019

15 fabulous men's engagement rings for same-sex couples

Photo by Nick Karvounis
Photo by Nick Karvounis
Karen Birney

Karen Birney

'Tis the season to get engaged - which surely means it's diamonds all round?!

While traditionally in a straight relationship in Ireland, a woman would wear an engagement ring to show her commitment to marrying her fiancé, many men from both straight and gay relationships are now considering wearing engagement rings.

There are no rules and is no 'correct' etiquette when it comes to proposals for either straight or gay relationships - you do what feels right for you. If that means proposing with a Haribo ring or a diamond, perfect, if it means proposing with a new Nespresso machine and promising coffee in bed every Saturday morning, all the better (seriously, that's a commitment.)

If you're planning to pop the question to your other half over the holiday season and want to go for the big romantic movie moment, presenting to your partner with a diamond ring is the way to do it.

Alternatively, a nice watch with the proposal date engraved on the back would make an ideal gift-in-a-box, or a beautiful bangle like this sweet knot cuff from Tiffany could work. A special pair of cufflinks is also a nice gift to present your partner when you get down on one knee.


Classic wedding band from Tiffany, €2,450
Classic wedding band from Tiffany, €2,450
Men's ring, Capucine on Etsy, €675.44
Hammered Gold Wedding band, PetrosJewels on Etsy, €307.02
Modern men's white gold engagement ring from MinimalVS on Etsy, €605.26
Diamond bow ring by Barry Doyle Design, €2,800.00
I love you rose gold band from Tiffany, €1,000
14K White Gold Diamond Ring with Rose Gold Trinity Knots, Brian de Staic, €1,299.00
18ct white gold diamond Lattice rings from Cullen & Co, €4,400.00
Diamond ring by Anna Rei Jewellery on Etsy, €452.80
Tara ring by Brian de Staic, from €106.00 (silver)
Men's Platinum diamond wedding band, IMB Design, €2,300.00
Ring by Anna Rei Jewellery, €406.36
Diamond set court ring, Barry Doyle Design, €750.00
Hibernia Yellow Gold Ring with Diamond by Brian de Staic, from €695.00
Classic wedding band from Tiffany, €2,450

An engagement ring can be stacked with a wedding band if it's slim, or can be used as the wedding band itself. Don't just browse within the men's jewellery sections when shopping online - there are plenty of gorgeous bands in the ladies' jewellery ranges that could suit as a man's engagement ring, or that could at least give you inspiration for your own.

Below we've chosen some beautiful pieces from jewellery designers in Ireland and online that could work as men's engagement rings, to provide some inspiration for your own bit of bling.

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