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Bridal beauty: How to start prepping your skin now for your wedding day

Jennifer Rock aka The Skin Nerd shares her tips

Bride getting ready for wedding with bridesmaid. Getty Images/Westend61 | Photo inset: Jennifer Rock, The Skin Nerd
Bride getting ready for wedding with bridesmaid. Getty Images/Westend61 | Photo inset: Jennifer Rock, The Skin Nerd
Jennifer Rock

Jennifer Rock

You’re starting to think about booking caterers, choosing the perfect location, whether you’re going to go with a classic cake or something a little bit more contemporary and what type of dress you want to wear.

These things are, of course, important and should be some of the very first things you’ll do when you are beginning to plan your wedding. 

However, it is at this time, the very beginning of the organisation process, that you need to take action with regard to your skin and start working towards getting it to optimum health for your big day. For the absolute best results you can get, you should be looking for a skin consultation when the last guest has left your engagement party! Many leave it until six weeks before their wedding to try to get their skin in perfect condition and sometimes, that is simply not enough time. 

"Horse the Vitamin C into you"

Getting a consultation is the way forward when it comes to figuring out what type of skincare and treatments you should be investing in to get your skin in shape for your wedding. Everyone wants clear, fresh, plump and glowy skin for their wedding – the preferred destination is the same for all but each person’s skin has its own unique ecosystem, its own specific conditions and needs its own route. 

The Skin Nerd's top products for clear skin
The Skin Nerd's top products for clear skin

Saying this, there are some things that could be recommended to nearly everyone planning a wedding! Horse the vitamin C into you, as stress can greatly affect your immune system function. It also strengthens the capillary walls. Red is the first colour to be seen on camera, and vitamin C can help to ward off redness and broken capillaries

Hyaluronic acid is the key to keeping the skin well-hydrated and plump, on top of drinking enough purified water. It pumps the skin with moisture like nothing else. A simple and hassle-free way of introducing a hyaluronic-based serum into your routine is by mixing it with the serum or moisturiser you’re currently using. 

There is no point relentlessly hydrating the skin inside and outside if your skin can’t retain it! That is why I would always suggest adding omega supplements to your diet in the lead up to your wedding. Omegas help your skin keep in all of the moisture you’re adding to it.

Treatments before the big day

When it comes to treatments, try IPL, for pigmentation, broken capillaries, sun damage or any of the other things it can work miracles on, and the Neostrata peel (1) three months prior to the wedding. Microneedling, as it is slightly more invasive, should be used six months before the day of the event. 

Another one of my go-tos would be the Environ HydraBoost Facial which is packed full of peptides and other anti-ageing ingredients and hydrates the skin so that the appearance of any lines and wrinkles is greatly reduced. It is so effective at popping out those dents and getting the skin looking dewy. 

My overall absolute favourite treatment for those looking for a quick fix before their wedding would be a hydrofacial. It saturates the skin with moisture, draws out any impurities and underlying congestion, meaning general pore-cloggages, and the effects last for up to ten days. The longevity of the hydrofacial’s powers should carry over into your minimoon, the twenty-first century answer to the honeymoon.

Full body exfoliator

To prep your body for fake tan application, whether it be for the big day itself or the hen party, add some hyaluronic-acid based product to your body cream to avoid any dark patches and keep it smooth. Another pro tip, one that I use regularly, is to use Image Body Spa Rejuvenating Body Lotion (2) in the lead up to applying fake tan. 

For best results, you should be using it on a regular basis to slough of the dead skin. The lotion uses glycolic acid and retinol to exfoliate the skin – chemical exfoliation is the only exfoliation I ever recommend, to those preparing for their nuptials or otherwise. Granular exfoliation with scrubs and beady products can damage and irritate the skin, causing redness and leaving the skin without its protective layer.

Jennifer Rock, The Skin Nerd
Jennifer Rock, The Skin Nerd

Exercise Caution

Do NOT try anything new the month of the wedding unless advised by a facialist – be cautious of adding any new products to your at-home skincare regime and make sure to always patch test. The last thing you need in the run up to the wedding is a reaction! 

If you are lucky enough to be travelling abroad for an old-fashioned honeymoon, be sure to pack your holiday skin saviours, the Cleanse Off Mitt (3) and a broad spectrum, high factor SPF. 

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