Thursday 12 December 2019

Beyoncé and Jay-Z crashed an unsuspecting couple’s wedding in Italy

Freya Drohan

The power couple ensured that the bride and groom will never forget their big day.

Taking a leaf out of ‘infamous crasher’ Bill Murray’s book, Beyoncé and her other half “stumbled upon a wedding” and couldn’t resist stopping in.

The 33-year-old singer and her rapper husband are currently on holiday in Portofino, Italy, with extended family and daughter Blue Ivy (2).

The couple were taking a stroll through the picturesque town when they decided to visit the local church…..inadvertently interrupting a wedding that was going on.

Instead of rushing out, Beyoncé, in a Topshop bikini, straw hat and temporary tattoos, stopped for photos.

The bride, in an ethereal white lace gown and floral garland, looked positively elated to pose with Queen Bey, while shocked guests snapped pictures on their smartphones.

Bey, Jay, and co. have since moved on to the French Riviera- their united display has silenced all rumours of marriage troubles.

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