Friday 23 March 2018

Kirsty at large: Why it's never okay for boys to go Dutch on first dates

Fuming: Mary, with her date Brian
Fuming: Mary, with her date Brian
Bringing the funny: Deirdre O' Kane and Rory Cowan are the new voice-overs of Gogglebox. Photo: Gareth Chaney Collins
She's electric: Kirsty Blake Knox gets lost in the woods. Photo: Alf Harvey/
Kirsty Blake Knox

Kirsty Blake Knox

Going on a date is a minefield innit? You're desperate to prove you're as funny as Sharon Horgan, as charming as Amy Huberman and as elegant as Celia Holman Lee. All the while trying not to snaffle all the breadsticks or down too much gin.

But as we learnt on First Dates this week, the ultimate moot point in the dating world is all about money and who should foot the bill?

Coach potatoes and hopeless romantics were divided when contestant Mary threw a strop about going Dutch. Mary was, in her own words, "fuming, absolutely FUMING".

Some people thought Mary was right; whatever happened to good old-fashioned manners? Others thought it was a slap in the face for feminism ("We burnt our bras for this?!").

I'm afraid I'm with Mary on this one. I like it when a gent pays; I feel as spoilt as Gwendoline Fairfax and it also means I can avoid doing mental maths - which is always awkward and usually leaves everyone down a euro or seven.

But the real reason I think men should pay more is that they tend to earn more - even if they're doing the exact same job as the 'wimin'.

I don't think it's unreasonable to presume whoever is getting more wedge will pay. It's why I foot the bill when having dinner with my little sister and why I would expect Jennifer Lawrence to get the rounds in if we went for a few scoops.

Asking someone what their annual earnings are on a first date is not appropriate. But while the gender wage gap is still alive and kicking, I'm happy to let the boys pick up the tab.

Don't mention the war - or RTÉ - at TV3 season launch

Bringing the funny: Deirdre O' Kane and Rory Cowan are the new voice-overs of Gogglebox. Photo: Gareth Chaney Collins

TV3 was determined to prove there was no bad blood with rival station RTÉ at the launch of their autumn schedule.

New face of the station Pat Kenny said comparisons to other stations and shows were "odious".

But it was difficult not to think of the national broadcaster given the launch was taking place in the National Concert Hall - home to RTÉ's National Symphony Orchestra.

Any signs in the NCH foyer telling us the RTÉ band performed there on the regular had been strategically covered up by the Ballymount team.

"We didn't want people to be confused," a TV3 spokesperson explained.

"We covered up different brand names so people would know this was a TV3 launch only."

Cover-ups aside, the launch was a glitzy success with most of TV3's talent out in force.

Kenny was the star of the event, despite arriving fashionably late. He will front a new current affairs show with Colette Fitzpatrick and is looking forward to taking on TV3's reigning current affairs king Vincent Browne - who was notably absent from the shindig.

"Vincent is an old war horse," Kenny said. "I've no doubt there will be competition for guests within TV3, but bring it on."

Lucy Kennedy talked about her new show Living With Lucy, which I'm sure will be totally different to her 2008 RTÉ series Livin' with Lucy. Kennedy told us that she will visit the homes of famous celebrities, including Kerry Katona.

The gals from Xposé were prancing about and interviewing each other at length. The previous day the station had announced three of the show's presenters, including Lisa Cannon, would be leaving the show.

"I am absolutely delighted," Cannon said. "It's a new chapter for me - I never wanted to be pigeon holed as an entertainment presenter."

Mrs Brown's Boys star Rory Cowan and Deirdre O'Kane, pictured above, spoke about doing the voiceover for the Irish version of Gogglebox. "I thought about it for all of 10 seconds before saying yes," O'Kane said.

'Republic of Telly' host channels spirit of Theroux

She's electric: Kirsty Blake Knox gets lost in the woods. Photo: Alf Harvey/

She's electric: Kirsty Blake Knox gets lost in the woods

'A poor man's Louis Theroux from Cavan," presenter Kevin McGahern said. "That's how I'd describe it - with all the ineptness but not as much skill." The Republic of Telly host was, of course, talking about his new RTÉ documentary series Kevin McGahern's America which will air later this year.

Making the show was a bit of a marathon, as Kevin spent 34 days traversing the States meeting a variety of zany 'characters'.

"We spent time with the Detroit hip-hop artists Insane Clown Posse, biker gangs and gun nuts preparing for the apocalypse," he said.

No wonder he was delighted to return to his home turf. "I was shook," he said. "But it really made me appreciate Cavan." Glad to hear it.

While his show won't air for several months, Kevin will be taking to the stage in Electric Picnic's comedy tent tonight.

He will join king of the deadpan delivery Dylan Moran and the delightful Aisling Bea. Ahead of the annual mudfest, I darted along to Stradbally on Tuesday morning for the Electric Picnic "meeja recce".

There we met jobbing actors dressed as clowns milling about in the woods, ate plenty of hot fried food and got lost in a golf buggy in the middle of a field in Laois.

Needless to say, it was the perfect precursor to the festival.



The wonderful joy of missing out. Putting a positive spin on all those who didn’t manage to nab an EP ticket.


With Rory Cowan and Deirdre O’Kane on board, this will be compulsive viewing.


“Social media take overs”

Code for “lazy PR”. 

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The classic treats have increased 180pc compared to the 90s — that’s a lot of flour.

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‘I hear if you can make it here you can make it in Belfast’

Comedian Amy Schumer on hitting the big time in Dublin


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Props to cyclist Shane O’Reilly who managed to complete the final 10km lap of the Dublin triathlon despite being knocked off his bike by a flighty deer. O’Reilly said it’s not every day a young buck lands on your head but considered himself “blessed” the deer had no antlers.

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