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I feel this overwhelming need to tell people that TikTok is not just for kids

Amanda Brunker


TikTok is a social network where users upload and share videos

TikTok is a social network where users upload and share videos

TikTok is a social network where users upload and share videos

Tired, emotional, feeling a little sad? While I’m in no way qualified to mentor anyone that is depressed, middle-age melancholy is something that I do know a bit about.

I’m not saying I spend my days lying around feeling sorry for myself – though there is nothing wrong with occasionally indulging your lows, once you remember to pick yourself up again.

But I have been known to get a tad emotional lately while walking around the supermarket.

Crazy, I know, but sometimes being able to do some of the most normal tasks, or just being out among people again makes me feels sentimental.

I can’t explain it, but thankfully those odd teary moments have been rare and brief.

But I think all of us need to take extra care of ourselves going forward, and actively focus on doing things that make us happy every day.

I’m going to make a suggestion that some people might scoff at, but hear me out, as not everyone can stomach meditation or afford therapy.

Ok, as a new convert, I feel this overwhelming need to tell people that the social media site TikTok is not just for the kids.

I’m serious, it’s probably the best fun you can have in 15-second bursts, no matter what age you are.

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Everyone has had an emotional time over the last few months – obviously some more than others – throughout this whole coronavirus crisis mess.

So the whole world could do with a laugh right now, and no matter what your sense of humour, there is something for everyone on TikTok.

Seriously, I recommend everyone sign up today.

It’s free by the way but, like all other social media sites, it will harvest your personal data, and make you agree to terms and conditions that you won’t have the energy to read.

There was a time I’d fret about that sort of stuff, but honestly, if you have a Facebook or email account the chances are all your data is out there in the cloud already, so don’t sweat about it.

Anyway, once you’ve made an account you don’t have to post any silly videos, or challenges.

If you did though I think it could provide great therapy for your physical and mental wellbeing – especially if you involve family members, as most of the dance routines take hours of practice.

Sadly I live with men that have zero interest in being recorded in my presence, ever, but that still doesn’t take away from my TikTok fun.

At the start of this pandemic it was deemed purely a gimmick for kids.

Now older generations have invaded it in their millions and, whether motivated by boredom or loneliness, have found a vehicle to explore their creative and fun side.

Plus it has helped make the most random of individuals TikTok famous, everyone from loveable grannies to bizarre pets – not just the beautiful, though there are plenty of them on there too.

Probably the most successful breakout Tik-Toker is Sarah Cooper (inset). Her impressions of Donald Trump have made the actress a star.

If you want a giggle, check her videos out. They get funnier the more you watch them.

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