Sunday 15 September 2019

Holly Carpenter's Dublin Diary: 'My pre-Christmas trip to Dubai with The Coronas'

Holly Carpenter in Dubai
Holly Carpenter in Dubai

Holly Carpenter

I’ve been living the life of a jetsetter this week as I flew to the millionaires’ playground of Dubai.

It was my first time over there and I was literally counting down the days, I was so excited.

I actually bumped into Bob Geldof in the airport, which got the trip off to a good start. He even let me skip him in the queue for security’ which was pretty sound of him.

I managed to resist asking him for a selfie’ but I may have taken a sly pic of him from behind!

On the first night, we all went to a late night brunch in a restaurant called Fogeira in the Ramada Plaza. There was a stunning view of Dubai and the food was incredible. It’s an all you can eat and drink menu and they serve you a million different types of meat at your table.

I was determined to stay healthy while on my holidays so I was sending my trainer Jenni photos of all my meals.

It’s really easy to keep it clean at buffets with so many salads and meats, and I just made sure to eat enough so that I wouldn’t crave dessert.

When everyone orders dessert, I usually order a cocktail, which is my version of being healthy.

I also think it’s kind of easy to be healthy on holidays when you know you’re going to be in a bikini and you want to look and feel good.

The brunch had a laid-back atmosphere at the start and then a load of belly dancers appeared out of nowhere and there was music blaring. We were pretty wrecked though’ so we took it quite easy.

On Friday, we spent the day at Barasti beach where we chilled out in the sun having a few G&Ts. I met up with my friend Jessica Langan who’s living in Dubai and it was so good to catch up. On Friday night we went to McGettigan’s to see The Coronas, a band I’ve been seeing a lot of lately!

Aside from my own personal thoughts on their lovely lead singer, I really like their music and they’re such sound guys. The venue itself was amazing. It’s kind of like Coppers without the GAA jerseys.

The next day we went on a boat party. We had a full BBQ and listened to music and jumped into the sea.

I felt so lucky to have such a fun mini sun holiday in the middle of December.

When I got home on Sunday I went to Trocedero for dinner with my family to welcome my brother Ben home from America.

They sat us beneath a photograph of my granny Terry Keane, which was a nice touch.


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