Thursday 23 November 2017

Dublin Girlo: Eat, sleep, rave, repeal... Electric Picnic 'huns in hunters' get political

Dublin Girlo, the Southside's true 'stun hun' gives us her Electric Picnic lowdown

General view of Electric Picnic. Electric Picnic Festival - Friday. Stradbally, Co. Laois. Picture: Caroline Quinn
General view of Electric Picnic. Electric Picnic Festival - Friday. Stradbally, Co. Laois. Picture: Caroline Quinn
Revellers at Electric Picnic


It's day two of Electric Picnic. The rain has arrived, I'm unbelievably hungover, got about 57 minutes sleep and I look, like, horrendous but I have baby-wiped my bits from every angle, inhaled noodles and a can of Orchard Thieves for breakfast and I am ready to go.

I couldn't get the day off work on Friday (Imagine, don't they know who I am?) so had to fly down at 4pm - I had dressed myself for a hurricane only to find the sun bating down and the sweat pumping out of me. It got a bit nippy when the sun went down but by then I was six double vodkas in so barely noticed. I had a ball in my light-up wellies from Asos. I fell in love with Nas all over again (I was on the vodka; I was in love with everyone), was drunk enough to think Huxley was actually alright looking (clearly platic) and The Chemical Brothers were only amazing. The Rave in the Woods finished me off.

I've seen some sights in Stradbally since I arrived - myself and my Huns included - so here's what to expect if you're on the way today or what you're missing if you didn't buy a ticket and are regretting it now:

- Huns in Hunters: Hunter wellies make it easy to spot the bloggers and D4 Huns in the crowd. Huns are even wearing Hunter socks over them, because, what is the point in owning a pair of Hunters if you don't get the label in every single picture you take?

A photo posted by Dublin Girlo (@dublin_girlo) on

Owning a pair of these doesn't mean you're the next Laura Whitmore... Jus' Sayin'!

- Blokes in Bandanas: Worn with shellsuit tracksuit tops and a hipster beard. Is the bandana the new man bun?

- Flower Crowns and Plastic Chokers: Why are Penneys still selling these? And more importantly, why are Huns still buying them?

- Pastel Coloured Hun Buns: I don't think you're allowed listen to or enjoy techno if your hair isn't one of the colours from Kylie Jenner's wig collection.


A photo posted by Dublin Girlo (@dublin_girlo) on

- Kidney Infection Shorts: I can't even describe these. I have seen more arse cheek this weekend than I've had spicebags. And that's a lot!

But Ep's not all Huns who bought their ticket just so they could Instagram every single second or hipsters who came to see one band no one has ever heard of:

- Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeal: there is a lot of love for the #Repealthe8th cause this weekend, jumpers and T-shirts everywhere, it's so Stunnin' to see.

- The people: There is nothing like sitting outside your tent with a load of cans listening to some randomer playing Oasis on his guitar to bring people who have never met together. I can only imagine the friend requests I'll have to decline on Monday.

- The music: I love the line-up this year but in all seriousness it wouldn't have mattered who was announced, I was coming anyway. It's not my first EP and it won't be my last.

I'm off to get ready and queue for 10 minutes to squat over a portaloo #StunHunProblems.

If this rain doesn't stop I will crack up. My extensions will be ruined and I will be snappin'.

Stay Stunnin' Huns.

Dublin Girlo
Dublin Girlo

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