Sunday 19 May 2019

Comment: Enough of this 'poor Ant McPartlin' - he's lucky he didn't kill someone

Ant McPartlin
Ant McPartlin
Dynamic duo: Ant & Dec. Photo: Getty Images
Ant McPartlin and Lisa Armstrong split

Amanda Brunker

Ant McPartlin crashes into two cars while allegedly under the influence of alcohol and everyone is saying: “Oh, poor Ant.” Seriously, folks, what’s wrong with you?

This is reported to be his third crash in as many weeks – he’s lucky he hasn’t killed anyone.

Just because he’s a pleasant and funny guy on the TV doesn’t make it acceptable for him to drink-drive. It’s 2018 – have we all not got the memo on that now?

The man is clearly sick and I do have sympathy for him in that regard, but grab yourself a taxi, pal, or hire a driver. You’re worth about €65m, you can afford it.

Dynamic duo: Ant & Dec. Photo: Getty Images
Dynamic duo: Ant & Dec. Photo: Getty Images

Public opinion is a bizarre thing. When people like you, they’ll defend any terrible behaviour just like in Ant’s case.

A little girl was sent to hospital after he crashed into the Mini in which she was a passenger.

People’s response on Twitter? “Oh, relax. She only went to hospital as a precautionary measure.”

Relax? I’m mad at him, and it wasn’t even my child, and I’m equally furious with all of his fans for excusing his reckless actions.

On the flip-side, when the public don’t like you, it doesn’t matter if you bring someone back from the dead – the haters will still demonise you.

A perfect example is Bono. No matter what he does, some begrudgers will always find fault with him.

Ant McPartlin and Lisa Armstrong split
Ant McPartlin and Lisa Armstrong split

This week people tried to ridicule him for sending letters of praise to Leo Varadkar – honestly, they’ve little to be baiting him with, but they’re still going for it.

Yet Ant drives around, bashing into cars, and there’s an outpouring of love for the man.

Am I missing something? OK, so shows like I’m A Celebrity and Saturday Night Takeaway are not to my viewing taste, but I get it that Ant and his partner and pal Dec bring an awful lot of joy.

However, Ant is a regular guy like everyone else. Just because he makes you giggle doesn’t mean he’s beyond retribution.

I also find it hard to understand that his mother was in the car with him at the time of the crash. Why was she enabling him?

I know as a parent that we’re all weak to our children, but she must know her son inside out.

Investitures at Buckingham Palace
Investitures at Buckingham Palace

She’s been living with him since he split from his wife, Lisa, last year.

She has obviously taken on the role as carer – but surely she would know if he had drink on him. If that was the case, why did she let him drive? Worse still, why did she get into the car with him?

As with many stars battling demons, the blame ultimately falls on Ant himself – he’s a smart guy, he knows the line that can’t be crossed.

However, it’s his producers, agents, managers – and partner – who need to take a long hard look at themselves.

Did they knowingly nudge him back to work too soon?

When big money is involved, people rarely care if the talent is sick. As Ant goes back into rehab, they all need to question whether a bit of greed was involved.


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