Monday 21 October 2019

Amanda Brunker: Maia Dunphy's 'single mother' comments were wrong - has she not heard of girl power?

Amanda Brunker, left, Maia Dunphy on DWTS, right
Amanda Brunker, left, Maia Dunphy on DWTS, right
Maia Dunphy with husband Johnny Vegas and their son Tom.
Johnny Vegas and Maia Dunphy
Broadcaster Maia Dunphy and Robert Rowiński Credit: kobpix

Amanda Brunker

Maia Dunphy has blamed being a single mother - thanks to her long-distance marriage - for getting booted out of Dancing With The Stars.

As a woman who has written a book on parenting, why would she set up other single mothers as incapable of doing a good job? Has she not heard of girl power?

With that comment, she has basically said women who are parenting alone can't manage and perpetuates prejudices against them.

Maybe it was a flippant "poor me" comment and she didn't want to address the fact she was a tad stiff and maybe not as popular as other less-than-perfect dancers.

Johnny Vegas and Maia Dunphy
Johnny Vegas and Maia Dunphy

However, she still did a massive disservice to other women who are single mums.

To clarify things, Maia is not a single parent. She is married to actor and comedian Johnny Vegas, who lives in England. By choice, Maia lives here with her son, and that is her prerogative.

But Maia knew she would mostly live as a single mother if she wanted to spend her week in Ireland, and also knew Dancing With The Stars was a show that required a massive amount of rehearsal before she signed up. So how can she complain about either?

Sadly, when it comes to parenting and reality shows, the job inevitably is bigger than we first expect.

Having dedicated a month of my life several years ago to Celebrity Apprentice, I know the hours required to succeed.

Like Maia, I too felt cheated when I lost out to Edele Lynch. It's understandable to be bitter, but casting negativity on single mothers is wrong and can't be entertained.

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