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Triona McCarthy's Hair Affair - the essential hero products

Ah hair: Triona McCarthy. Photo: Marc Condren
Ah hair: Triona McCarthy. Photo: Marc Condren
L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay dry shampoo.
L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay shampoo.
L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay masque pre-shampoo treatment.
L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay conditioner.
Om Skincare's Revitalising Beauty Booster.
Pippa O'Connor Ormond in 2016: These days, you're more likely to see Pippa hosting fashion shows instead of walking in them. She's one of Ireland's most popular bloggers and is a fashion tour de force.
Cien Clear Nourishing Facial Toner.
Maybelline Mastersculpt

Triona McCarthy

Greasy hair? Don't care! Our beauty buff has hero products to halt the oil crisis, plus face shapers and floral vapours

Triona's trends

Back when I was a beauty therapist, clay was the go-to ingredient if I was making a mask for oily or congested skin. The clay would help soak up all traces of dirt and grease on the skin.

Now the clever clogs at L'Oreal have decided to put clay in their haircare, to do the same for the skin on your head - and why didn't I think of this and make myself a millionaire? It is enough to make me want to pull my own hair out!

L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay dry shampoo.

Actually no, I won't do that, because my hair feels and looks great after using the L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay range, which consists of four products (above) a dry shampoo, €5.99; a shampoo, €4.09; a conditioner, €4.09; and a clay masque pre-shampoo treatment,€6.49, all of which target oily roots and dry ends. I use the pre-shampoo treatment first, applying it to my dry roots, and massaging it into my scalp. I then leave it for five minutes so it absorbs any oil before shampooing.

It rinses easily, leaving my scalp feeling really refreshed and light and ready to be lathered up and shampooed before conditioning. Best of all, my roots are purified for 72 hours, so I can now leave my hair for up to three days without having to wash it. So if I wash it on Monday, it's fine until Wednesday, and on Thursday I use the dry shampoo to refresh it - it's great; no chalky residue. Then I wash it on Friday for le weekend.

Triona's trick

My fashionista friend, Aoife M, carries a little bottle of Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, €7.99, in her handbag at all times. She uses it for fashion emergencies such as ketchup, coffee or make-up stains on your clothes. It's amazing how a dab of it will magically lift off the stain.

Try it yourself and see! #tricksofthetrade

Time to set the tone

Cien Clear Nourishing Facial Toner.

I'm bringing back toner!

Remember it?

We all kind of stopped using toner a while ago, didn't we, but guess what? 10-15pc of make-up remains on the skin after cleansing, so anything you apply next isn't going to absorb properly.

Think about that the next time you're popping on your tres expensive wonder cream, which cost you a small fortune!

Toners remove impurities on the skin that block the pores, leading to blackheads. So do yourself a favour and pop into Lidl and buy this Cien Clear Nourishing Facial Toner, above, €1.59.

Not only is it alcohol-free so it feels really good on my skin, but the packaging is state-of-the-art. It has a little pump which means you won't waste product, as it disperses the perfect amount; it won't spill; and, if, like me, you're always in a rush in the morning, you won't have to mess around with fiddly bottle tops.

I even recycle it by reusing the bottle with other products.

Pamper princess

Pippa O'Connor Ormond in 2016: These days, you're more likely to see Pippa hosting fashion shows instead of walking in them. She's one of Ireland's most popular bloggers and is a fashion tour de force.

Everyone needs a bit of pampering from time to time. Let's face it, the pressures of life can sometimes get a little overwhelming.

I think if you don't normally treat yourself, then go all out, and go to Ashford Castle, where they have had everyone from Grace Kelly to Pippa O'Connor Ormond, above, to stay in the swanky surrounds overlooking Lough Corrib.

A new spa has just opened in the five-star medieval castle hotel, and I want to be the next, eh, glamourpuss to experience this little oasis of calm in the midst of Mayo.

The Spa at Ashford Castle offers treatments using Voya, Elemis and the hotel's exclusive B|Africa range, created for the owner, Beatrice Tollman, and her daughter, Vicki.

Ashford Castle, Cong, Co Mayo, tel: (094) 954-6003, or see

Triona's most wanted

Maybelline Mastersculpt

My other half, Will, always says, "Girls without curves are like trousers without pockets, there's nowhere to put your hands!" That cracks me up, because I couldn't imagine Will wearing trousers without pockets.

Then they'd be pants, and the word pants also cracks me up. I know, I'm "toe tilly", as Maxi, my little son who can't pronounce the letter 's', says.

Now, where was I? Oh yeah, curves. I want to tell you about Maybelline's Master Sculpt Contour Palette, above, €10.70, which basically gives your face curves - and there's the connection. At last!

I was lucky enough to watch Maybelline MUA (make-up artist) Dominique use this on the models at the Wes Gordon spring/summer 2016 show in New York City.

It has everything you need to illuminate your features and reshape the contours of the face, as it contains a highlighter and contour powder and a handy brush, and, best of all, a mirror - why can't everyone do this, please?

The trick is to define with the brush, then highlight with your finger, so it is idiot-proof.

I've tested a lot of contouring kits, and this one is the dream. It also doubles as an eyeshadow kit, so it's always in my bag for travelling as well.

Right, gotta go, Will has just put his hands in my pockets!

Cult product

Om Skincare's Revitalising Beauty Booster.

Om Skincare's Revitalising Beauty Booster, above, €30, is like Rescue Remedy for your skin and mind, as it has aromatherapeutic properties. You can simply inhale it for a boost, or mix it with your serum or moisturiser to drive moisture into the skin to improve firmness and texture, thanks to the antioxidants botanicals, floral water and hyaluronic acid complex.

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