Monday 23 April 2018

The pitfalls of MEN following trends

Brendan Courtney
Brendan Courtney

On the whole, we're in favour of the fact that men's dressing has been tidied up. Baggy, dirty-blue, boot-cut jeans, worn with an old T-shirt and a pair of Converse, wasn't doing anyone any favours.

But things have gone too far in the other extreme. Now it seems everyone is dressing like a five-year-old hipster. Everything is worn super tight and colourful, regardless of whether you're built like a rugby player, or are in your 40s. In fact, there are very few men who can carry off the sort of hipster sartorial tics that are so popular right now: skinny pink jeans, waistcoats, dickie bows, shirts buttoned up to the neck, chinos rolled up, T-shirts with 80s logos, brogues worn in an ironic manner, cutesily tailored shorts.

Brendan Courtney gets away with this look because he works in the fashion industry. Most men should just ignore trends and fashion, find a look that suits them, and stick with it.

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