Sunday 25 February 2018

The loves of my life: Roz Purcell


Model Roz Purcell. Photo: Jancek Photography
Model Roz Purcell. Photo: Jancek Photography

The model, cookbook author and wellness guru chats to Elle Gordon about her favourite people, places and things,

The person

Can it be Wilko, my dog? He's kind of like a person to me. The other person would have to be my sister Rachel.

The memory

Christmas time. I was about six. It was snowing, and I was having a snowball fight with my sisters.

The moment of the day

The evening. I'm usually pretty tired after a non-stop day, so I love just getting home, making dinner, taking my make-up off, tying my hair up in a bun and watching some Netflix with Wilko and Zach [Desmond, Roz's boyfriend].

The song

Something by Hans Zimmer - he has great gym songs.

The movie

Coming to America.

The hero Sister

Madonna Buder, the 87-year-old 'Iron Nun'. She is a world-champion triathlete, and has competed in over 340 triathlons. I hope I'm that badass at 87!

The book

The Secret Race by Tyler Hamilton.

The outfit

Black jeans, black tank top, black boots - you get the idea. Simple, comfortable and classic.

The accessory

My Miu Miu bag. It's a shoulder bag that turns into a bumbag - so I can look like the ultimate tourist.

The gadget

My Canon EOS 5D Mark III. I love food photography.

The pet hate

Slow walkers.

The friend

My bestie, Evan Doherty.

The beauty product

Chanel bronzing mousse. It is never not in my handbag!

The holiday

I went to Budapest with my boyfriend to see the Christmas markets, and I honestly didn't stop laughing for the entire trip.

The bar ...of chocolate?

That's how my mind works. If I had to choose a pub, it has to be McCarthy's pub in Fethard - up Tipp!

The piece of advice

Work-wise - don't concentrate on anyone else. Use that time and energy on yourself.

The drink


The hotel

The Merrion hotel. Their breakfast steals the show. It's the best buffet ever!

The hobby

I really like Pilates. I go to Project Revive in Ranelagh, and I'm pretty addicted now.

The part of my body

My eyes. I love a good stare-off!

The celebrity

David Attenborough.

The virtue

I never hold a grudge. I will always forgive someone. I hate the idea of wasting energy and time being mad at someone. Usually, just having a talk clears the air, and I'm pretty good at putting myself into someone else's shoes and calling myself out when I'm in the wrong.

The vice

Not answering my phone. Even though it's usually always on me, I seem to be impossible to ever get on the phone, unless you're my mum or dad.

The smell

Sizzling bacon.

The taste

Warm brownies and whipped cream. I used to have a serious whipped-cream fetish; I still do, it's just more controlled!

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