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The loves of my life: reigning Miss Ireland Aoife O'Sullivan


Miss Ireland Aoife O'Sullivan
Miss Ireland Aoife O'Sullivan
Chloe Brennan

Chloe Brennan

The reigning Miss Ireland, a school teacher from Cork, chats to Chloe Brennan about her favourite people, places and things.

The person

My younger sister, Shona. She is one of a kind. Although there are six years between us, we have always been so close. I'd do anything for her.

The memory

As a child, going on our family holidays to the south of France every summer. Everything from the slides in the pool, the endless games of table tennis and eating pizza in restaurants by the pier - paradise.

The moment of the day

Eating porridge with honey for breakfast. I'm at such an exciting point of my life right now, so this marks the start of a new, productive and opportunity-filled day.

The song

My all-time favourite has to be What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. I first heard it in the movie Madeline. It's simply such a happy and uplifting song.

The movie

Oh, there are so many! But I come back time and time again to My Girl. My mom told me that, as a child, I would watch it on repeat, and to this day, every time I watch it, I'm an emotional wreck. It's a beautiful and heart-touching movie.

The book

Charlotte's Web by EB White. Since I am a teacher, I adore children's books. Reading the class novel before home time is my favourite part of the school day.

The person

My beautiful Granny Brigid, for instilling in me a high self-esteem. She always told me I could achieve anything I put my mind to.

The outfit

My outfit for the Galway Races last year: a pink and orange pants suit, worn with a magnificent headpiece by Elizabeth Christina Design. It was bright, vibrant and fun. I love the extravagant style at the races.

The gadget

My BaByliss heated hair rollers. They go everywhere with me - at the expense of everything else, as they take up so much space in my case.

The holiday

It has to be my trip to China for Miss World. Who else can say that they went on a free holiday for four weeks, to a five-star resort, with 130 other women from across the world? A trip of a lifetime.

The pet hate

When people are unkind and lack understanding. It is so important to be mindful of the way we speak to and about others.

The friend

My cousin, Martha. She is like my second sister, and she supports me in everything I do.

The beauty product

Fake tan. Like a lot of Irish girls, my skin is ban, so fake tan is a necessity. I started wearing it when I was 15, and haven't looked back since. I'm currently loving the Dripping Gold Luxury Tanning Mousse in Dark by SoSu.

The accessory

Earrings. They can enhance any look.

The piece of advice

Be humble, be hungry, and always be the hardest worker in the room.

The drink

This is a terribly boring answer, but my favourite drink is sparkling water. It's like a kiss of life. I simply can't comprehend why so many people dislike it.

The bar

Mary O'Donovan's pub in Ballinadee, Co Cork.

The hobby

Playing my guitar. It takes me a million miles away. I've always been envious of those who can play lots of instruments.

The part of my body

Probably my teeth and smile. I am generally pretty happy with all of me. Self-love is something we all need a little more of, I think.

The celebrity

This changes on a weekly basis. I'm currently watching Prison Break, so I'm obsessed with Wentworth Miller, who plays Michael Scofield.

The smell

Freshly cut grass. It always reminds me of summers, and going to matches with my dad and brother, Tadhg.

The virtue

Positivity and gratitude. There is always a positive to take out of every situation that is thrown at us.

The vice

Losing everything from jewellery to car keys, retainers, phones, and even clothes. I often wonder where all of my stuff has disappeared to.


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