Thursday 22 February 2018

The loves of my life: Paula Callan

The entrepreneur, make-up guru and busy mother of four tells Elle Gordon about her favourite people, places and things

The person

My fiance, Kevin, and my four kids are my favourite humans.

The memory

My favourite memories are from when I was a child, being in my nan and grandad’s house, with all the grandchildren piled up on their stairs for the typical family photo at Christmas. During the rest of the year, we would  all meet up for picnics at the drop of a  hat, any weather. We are a very close family, but mostly only get to meet up  at special occasions, now that we’re all older. My grandparents have passed away now, but the memories will always be there.

The moment of the day

The evening; it’s my time for myself, when I unwind with a cuppa.

The movie

I love The Shawshank Redemption  — it’s a great classic

The song

George Michael, A Different Corner.

The hero

My mam is my hero. She’s an inspiration. She’s in her 60s and is studying in DCU. She left school at a young age and always wanted to go back to school, so when we six kids grew up, she was able to fulfil her dream of going to third-level, and now she’s loving the college life.

The book

Ask And It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

The outfit

I love comfort, so I mostly like a good pair of jeans.

The accessory

My engagement ring that Kev had designed for me.

The gadget

I didn’t want to say my phone, but it is my favourite gadget.

The pet hate

Rudeness. There’s no need for it.

The friend

I have loads of friends and love them all dearly! They know who they are.

The drink

An extra-hot cappuccino.

The part of my body

My eyes. I use them to see beauty and my beautiful children.

The piece of advice

Always be kind. Kindness is a gift.

The beauty product

My favourite beauty product is Mary-Lou Manizer, a highlighter by theBalm. It’s amazing!

The bar

I don’t really frequent bars, I’m more into food and being able to sit and  talk with people.

The hotel

I love the Powerscourt Hotel, it’s where myself and Kevin are getting married next year.

The holiday

I’m going to Santorini in Greece this month for my bestie’s wedding. I’m going to be a bridesmaid! Santorini is somewhere I’ve always wanted to go to, so I’m very excited.

The hobby

Cooking and baking, I don’t get to do much of it, having four kids and a full-time job, but I do still try.

The celebrity

Joanna Lumley. I had the pleasure of doing her make-up a few years ago, and she was the most interesting and funniest person I’ve ever met, and she has a wonderfully kind soul.

The virtue

I’m very laid-back.

The vice

I’m not very organised, I try so much but all I can manage is organised chaos!

The smell

I love the smell of candles lighting, especially Jo Malone ones.

The taste

Probably chocolate!!! But only the expensive good stuff.

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