Sunday 18 August 2019

The loves of my life: Libby Murray, owner of Elysian Brows and Beauty

Libby Murray, owner of Elysian Brows and Beauty.
Libby Murray, owner of Elysian Brows and Beauty.

The businesswoman on the loves of her life which include her husband Stephen and a Diane Furstenberg dress.

The person

Stephen - the best husband and father ever

The memory

The days my daughter, Laila, and my son, Luke, were born

The moment of the day

First thing in the morning, when my kids come into our bed for snuggles

The song

Just Like Heaven by The Cure

The movie

The Lion King

The hero

My dad - a constant source of support and motivation

The book

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

The outfit

A Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress and a pair of heels

The gadget

UE Boom wireless speakers

The accessory

My many pairs of prescription sunglasses

The pet hate


The friend

Kate, a living angel; and, of course, my sisters, Barbie and Jennie

The beauty product

Uspa Uskincare Pure C Complex Serum - it's the best multi-tasking serum I've ever found. It blends beautifully with make-up, and smells divine

The holiday

Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland, for my honeymoon

The piece of advice

A happier you is a healthier you

The drink

An espresso martini

The part of my body

My eyebrows, after a tint and tidy in Elysian Brows and Beauty!

The hotel

Villa Cimbrone, Ravello, Italy. And Vernissage at the Backstage hotel in Zermatt, if I'm allowed two

The bar

Lido del Faro Beach Club, at sunset, in Capri

The hobby

Yoga with Yvonne Treacy; and Platinum Pilates

The celebrity

Johnny Depp

The virtue


The vice

Red wine; dark chocolate

The smell

Easy - my babies, first thing in the morning

The taste

Sunday brunch

Elysian Brows and Beauty, 36/37 South William St, D2, see, or see Elysian-Brows

Twitter @ElysianBrows

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