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The loves of my life: Lauren Oliver on launching her sustainable clothing brand and the joy of being a twin

The radiographer, who founded sustainable athleisure brand Olly Olly & co, chats to Chloe Brennan about her favourite people, places and things


The person

It's too hard to pick just one! My twin sister, Emma. We lived apart for a lot of our 20s, both of us completed our degrees in different cities and travelled separately, which was tough, but we're back together, living in London and loving it! Also, all of our family back home in Cork, and Josh, my boyfriend; he's been such a support throughout launching the company.

The memory

Summers spent in Lahinch, Co Clare. Surfing and swimming during the day, followed by dinner in O'Looney's, which is right on the beach - you can watch the waves crashing on the rocks just below you. The food is always so fresh.

The moment of the day

First thing in the morning, when I've just woken up and have the whole day ahead of me. I get up quite early for work and I really enjoy the stillness and sense of calm before everyone else wakes up.

The hero

My granny, Philomena O'Hanlon, who beat breast cancer and followed her dreams of completing an English BA degree in UCC at the ripe age of 70. She gave me my love of reading and was a huge supporter of women's rights.

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The outfit

A pair of vintage black Levi's jeans that I found in Amsterdam. I've had them for years and they go with everything. I usually wear them with a crop top or blouse and my Veja trainers.

The pet hate

People who complain about things but don't do anything to change it. Everyone has bad days, it's totally normal and OK, but if there's something in your life that's causing you constant stress, then do something about it.

The friend

My younger sister, Ali. There are six years between us, but since she's got older we've become best friends. She's the sort of person who makes you feel like the best version of yourself and is wise beyond her years - unless we're on a night out! I also have an amazing group of friends from school, and although we all live in different places, we always make an effort to meet up. I've had some of my best memories with them.

The holiday

After spending nine months working in Melbourne, I spent seven weeks travelling down the east coast of Australia and New Zealand. The amazing beaches in Australia and the natural beauty of New Zealand, plus all the activities we did, made it an unforgettable trip.

The piece of advice

Just get started. It's always the hardest part going from an idea that you can't stop thinking about to actually putting it into action. Don't worry about things not being perfect, or care about what people think, we all have to start somewhere and the bravest thing is to make that first leap.

The drink

This is so millennial, but a flat white made with Oatly Barista Edition is so good! Or a Margarita from Cheeky Chicos, a Mexican restaurant around the corner from ours.

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