Tuesday 23 July 2019

The loves of my life: Ellen Kavanagh Jones


Entrepreneur Ellen Kavanagh Jones
Entrepreneur Ellen Kavanagh Jones
Chloe Brennan

Chloe Brennan

The waxing wizard and entrepreneur chats about her favourite people, places and things

The person

My husband, Conrad, and my son Cooper, who's five. They're my world. They make me laugh every day, and I feel so lucky to have them in my life.

The memory

Probably when I had Cooper. I had a hypnobirth in Holles St with its Domino (Domiciliary Care In and Out of Hospital) scheme, and honestly, it was an amazing experience. I know you don't hear too many positive birth stories, but I'd re-do mine any day!

The moment of the day

The morning. It's a new day, a fresh chance to get motivated and make the most of it. Mornings in our house can be hectic, with getting Cooper ready for school, and our dog, Indiana, sorted, so it's important to take a moment before the madness.

The song

The theme song from Band of Brothers. I walked down the aisle to Anuna singing it, and it just gives me chills every time I hear it. It's such an emotive piece.

The movie

White Christmas with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye. It reminds me of growing up; we used to watch it together on Christmas Eve. It's a tradition I still keep.

The book

I just finished The Power by Rhonda Byrne; it's a follow-on from The Secret. So I'm fully embracing that at the moment. I prefer non-fiction, and biographies, especially of business people. I loved Jo Malone's autobiography, Jo Malone: My Story. It's inspiring to read about people's successes, and their struggles, too

The hero

My mam, Kit. She's 80 this July, and she's just the strongest woman I know. She's an incredible person, and a wonderful mother and grandmother.

The friend

Trish O'Brien, my best friend, business partner and Cooper's godmother. I am so blessed to have her in my life, and our relationship is the thing I'm most proud of. We know what we have is rare, so we really cherish it.

The outfit

Jeans and a blazer is my forever go-to. I love Zara blazers, and my favourite jeans are Poco by Pippa. The fit is incredible, and they wear really well.

The accessory

Shoes and bags! I have a total weakness for Manolo Blahniks. Some say it's an addiction, I prefer to say I'm a collector.

The gadget

My iPhone.

The pet hate


The piece of advice

Do the right thing always. Do right by your team. Work hard, play hard, and give back.

The beauty product

Our Waxperts Wonder Pads. They are the best little multi-tasking product. Originally made to treat and prevent ingrown hairs, our customers discovered a million more uses for them. They contain salicylic acid, so they are super on your face, too.

The holiday

Achill Island. I absolutely love it there. I've a lot of family there, so it feels like home. I can totally switch off and relax, as the phone signal wouldn't be the best. For someone who is always on the phone, I love that. And when the sun shines, it's like paradise.

The hotel

The Wynn in Las Vegas. We go every year, and it never disappoints.

The drink

You can't beat a glass of Whispering Angel rosé in the sunshine.

The bar

9 Below or House. Alan Clancy has the magic touch, so all his bars are always fab.

The hobby

My work is my hobby. I adore what I do, so it's genuinely never felt like work to me.

The celebrity

Gary Barlow. Obsessed.

The virtue


The vices

Possibly buying all those shoes!

Ah listen, life's too short to focus on vices. Everything in moderation.

The smell

Lavender. Our wax is lavender-based, as is our candle, and it's so relaxing. I instantly unwind when I smell it.

The taste

Savoury. I don't have a sweet tooth.



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