Saturday 21 April 2018

Stylewatch: You Are What You Sup

Irish model Sarah Morrissy.
Irish model Sarah Morrissy.

Juice has replaced the smartphone and takeaway coffee cup as the lifestyle accessory; it elevates any outfit and any person instantly. "I am healthy, I am C-L-E-A-N," it says.

"I take care of myself and have the funds to buy this overpriced adult baby-food in its chic, minimalist packaging."

The hands-down best thing about this micro trend is how superior you get to feel. There's nothing quite like answering "I'm on a juice cleanse" when you're offered food by a lowly eater. Juice will never make your ass look big - or maybe it does, but we're too light-headed from the juice cleanse to get a look at our arses. Simply carrying a juice makes us look like we're just moments from hitting the gym. Here's Irish Model Sarah Morrissy, pictured, expertly accessorising her leathers with an organic carrot, ginger and turmeric juice. Divine.

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