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Stylewatch: The Retrosexual


Dandyish: Robert Sheehan

Dandyish: Robert Sheehan


Dandyish: Robert Sheehan

The metrosexual has, at this point, become a complete caricature. Once, he was to the forefront of modern male style.

But then he went a spray tan too far and we tired of men who were more plucked, primped and pimped than ourselves. Inevitably, a new race emerged as dominant. The retrosexual - see actor Robert Sheehan - is a thoroughly modern man who favours a dandyish, retro spin on the grunge look, with shades of punk.

They can be identified by their painfully tight pants - do they have to be cut out of their jeans at night? - and a penchant for man-buns. The retrosexual is clearly as image-conscious as the metrosexual before him, but somehow, they come off much less sanitised than the metroman and, therefore, exponentially hotter.

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