Saturday 21 April 2018

Stylewatch: The real 'New Kate Moss'

Georgia Jagger
Georgia Jagger

Cara Delevigne is regularly lauded as the new Kate Moss. Are we the only ones that don't get the fascination? Kate Moss's appeal is that everyone wants to dress like her, she can sell clothes to a teen or a 50-year old, has an air of 'can't fake it' class, and of course, back in the early 90s, she broke the mould of the tall, Amazonian supermodel.

The only thing we can see that Moss and Delevingne have in common is that neither resembles a traditional supermodel. Delevingne is annoying try-hard, and we can't see how she appeals to anyone over the age of 19. Actually, Cara's bestie Georgia May Jagger is the true keeper of the flame. She's cool, elegant and appeals to all ages despite being only 23. As the daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, she's both rock and supermodel royalty.

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