Sunday 22 April 2018

Stylewatch: the Darren

Darren Kennedy
Darren Kennedy

The hipster take on the 'overgrown Viking' McGregor look - beard, vintage rock T-shirt - as the hip young male's look of choice has been replaced.

The Darren, inspired by TV presenter Darren Kennedy is a glossier, more groomed look. Darren's USP is a well-tailored three-piece suit in a discreet check, perfectly pearly teeth, heavy-framed glasses, and a flawless coiffure.

Check out any trendy bar or restaurant, hairdressers or male blogger's website - you'll find an epidemic of Darren Kennedy mini-mes. As male fashion trends go, we welcome it. Anything is an improvement on the 'skinny jeans and waistcoat/I'm a member of the Arctic Monkeys' look, which only about 1pc of the population can actually pull off.

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