Tuesday 19 November 2019

Stylewatch: Borecore

Perfectly turned out: Nikki Bonass
Perfectly turned out: Nikki Bonass

Borecore is Normcore, the next generation. Borecore devotees can easily be identified by their joyless approach to fashion. Their every sartorial move is painfully considered, from the pristine white T-shirt, to the faded-to-perfection drainpipe jeans.

We imagine that the Borecore's wardrobe might bear a striking resemblance to that of Christian Grey, in terms of his anal-retentive cataloguing of garments, arranged from lightest to darkest, in muted tones of grey and beige.

It's as though the Borecore aficionado has evolved beyond frivolity, and each outfit is not chosen, but 'curated' to within an inch of its life. Of course, Borecores do look very, very good, and that might be part of our problem. They resemble perfectly turned-out, chic fash-bots, see model Nikki Bonass.

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