Saturday 26 May 2018

Stylewatch: Black is back

Back in black: The Corrs.
Back in black: The Corrs.

Black doesn't always bestow instant chic on the wearer. Actually, it can easily fall into 'I want to be invisible' territory, rather than 'timeless classic'.

Shapeless, greying after too many washes, that sort of thing. Nobody does all black like the Corr sisters. Caroline, brother Jim, Andrea and Sharon are back with a new album. And the sisters look as amazing as ever. Where the U2 set do a sort of draped, Rick Owens black, with some Vivienne Westwood thrown in, the Corrs do a more French take on black. Elegant and a little quirky.

Key to their look's success is the fact that it's probably all fairly expensive black. They also tend to layer varying fabrics and textures, which makes it more interesting - tulle, wool, silk, satin. If your budget doesn't quite stretch to a Corrs-style wardrobe, just ensure you ditch anything that starts to look faded and grey.

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