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Stylewatch: Bank-holiday weekend


Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

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Kate Middleton

If you're heading away for the bank-holiday weekend, might we suggest a ditching of the hackneyed 'Kate Middleton in the country' look, left?

A look based on designer wellies is innately ridiculous; the idea of designer wellies being nonsensical. It's also possibly time to bin the 'Breton top, Converse and army jacket' look. We're not saying to get rid of the parka - let's not go crazy here. If you're heading away for a weekend in Ireland, all eventualities of weather should be considered. So a good coat is the starting point. Choose one of the myriad versions of the peasant blouse that's currently in all the high-street stores, and make it the cornerstone of your packing. Always have one denim skirt if the need for something dressy arises - on a country weekend, going overboard dressing up is your biggest potential sartorial faux pas. And then, of course, you need jeans. Simps.

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