Tuesday 20 August 2019

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Dress, €235; top (worn underneath), €75, both Kowtow, both Stiall.com. Shoes, €140, We Are Shoe Lab
Dress, €235; top (worn underneath), €75, both Kowtow, both Stiall.com. Shoes, €140, We Are Shoe Lab
€150; top (worn underneath), €75, both Kowtow; dress (worn underneath), €112, Beaumont Organic, all Stiall.com. Necklace, €169, Manley Dress, €235, Kowtow; dress (worn underneath), €108, Beaumont Organic, both Stiall.com.Shoes, €140, We Are Shoe Lab

The most important issue facing consumers in the 21st Century is not that of low prices, but of true affordability which encompasses true cost - on people, the planet, animals, water, air, and so on. In a world where absolute disconnect from the source of all that we consume is nearly complete, for consumers, the challenge is how to know - really know - whether they are buying a garment that is 'clean'.

Stiall.com is a new ethical, sustainable and where possible, organic, online fashion store and lifestyle magazine, founded by Linda Conway.

As a stylist, Linda has done nearly everything in fashion, from personal shopping to big campaigns, and is the fashion editor of Stellar magazine. She is passionate about learning and progress, so in recent years she has been doing post-graduate studies in London, in business and sustainable fashion.

Linda's background means Stiall.com combines fashion-insider savvy with ethics. Its magazine style, regular daily updates and active social media presence make it a soon-to-be favourite destination; a place to read and learn; to connect with, as well as to shop from.

"With Stiall.com, I want to provide a space where fashion enthusiasts and consumers can go and make a better fashion choice," explains Linda.

"In Irish, stiall means to strip back. It means laying out in the barest way possible. So here is this item of clothing; here is its structure and history, and there are no lies. Because there are a lot of lies out there. Brands love using terms like 'green', 'ethical'. Wording is very powerful, and how brands twist phrases is shocking at times. It is not easy to be a conscious consumer," she says.

As a buyer, Linda has created a curated wardrobe of stylish pieces, with enough fashion to make it interesting and new. "There are only a handful of brands I rate. I didn't want to compromise on style, on the aesthetics, for the production value and ethics," explains Linda.

"I had a lot of questions for each brand, from the moment the seed is planted - where the farmers are, where the fabric is spun. If those questions couldn't be answered believably, I knew that a brand was not for me."

From 30 November, for four days, Stiall.com will have a pop-up shop in Siopaella, 8 Cecilia Street, Dublin 2, which is the perfect opportunity to see and experience the Stiall.com difference, first-hand.

"The tide is turning, the mentality is changing, people want quality in fashion again," Linda says. "This is true investment shopping. I want a piece to be so loved, it will be worn to death!"

Photography by Eilish McCormick

Styling by Linda Conway

Fashion edited by Constance Harris

Sunday Indo Life Magazine

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