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Monday 16 September 2019

The Edge: Paddy and Faye to have Dublin Womb Summit

Paddy Cosgrave and Faye Dinsmore
Paddy Cosgrave and Faye Dinsmore
For Paddy Cosgrave and Faye Dinsmore, the stork will soon be making a visit.
Flagrant: Rory O'Neill is in the States for a show in New York.
Aoife Walsh
Vincent Browne will launch Suzy Mullane's exhibition.
She's back! Rosanna Davison has returned from Barcelona.
Barry Egan

Barry Egan

The Father of The Irish Tech Scene - as the University Observer dubbed Paddy Cosgrave last year - will become a father to more than just the Irish Tech Scene.

Paddy is to become a daddy with his fashion guru fiancee, the incomparable Faye Dinsmore. How do I know this? A mutual friend of the founder of Web Summit told me the very good news last week.

Indeed, your diarist subsequently found out that Paddy had revealed the good news himself on Twitter on April 8 under a comically distressed picture of himself, beside the words: "I'm going to be a dad."

He and Faye can bring the new arrival to the Web Summit in India next year.

It will be intriguing to see whether this child is the first of many babies for the dynamic duo (who got engaged in 2012, after having met at a friend's house party on Leeson Street in Dublin, but have yet to trip merrily down the aisle).

Faye, of course, grew up on a farm in county Donegal as the second youngest of - count 'em! - 14 siblings. So she could have big plans.

I can only presume that the capital's maternity wards have excellent Wi-Fi (possibly better than the RDS, once upon a time. at any rate).

Indeed, Faye could put on a Womb Summit.

In an interview with the Sunday Independent's LIFE magazine, Faye said she wasn't sure whether she would like to follow her mother's lead - and have 14 sprogs with Paddy.

Did she ever ask her mother about having 14 kids? Was it her ambition to have 14?

"I don't know. Neither of my parents come from huge families," Faye answered in 2013. "My mother only had one brother and one sister. My dad had one brother and a couple of sisters."

"I haven't thought about it," she added referring to having children of her own. "I think my maternal instinct hasn't struck me yet. That's a lot [of children]. I think I'd be wrecked and I think compared to when my parents had lots of kids, it is a lot more expensive to have lots of kids now."

Only time will tell. But now that the maternal instinct has struck Faye, tech uber-entrepreneur Paddy could find himself with a very busy mouse over the coming years if he is to live up to 14 children.

Panti in the skies with Tayto

This column's - and indeed the nation's - favourite gay man Rory O'Neill has left the country. The good news is: it is not permanently.

He (and possibly his close friend Panti) is putting on a show (isn't he always?) at the Irish Arts Centre in New York.

They are making their Manhattan transfer back to Dublin tomorrow. I can only hope that Rory had as much fun in New York as he did on the flight over to JFK last Wednesday.

I wonder was the airline playing Panti's movie The Queen Of Ireland on the journey over? Not sure, but your diarist can reveal that the queen of Ireland/boy wonder from Ballinrobe certainly seemed to enjoy the hospitality at 30,000 feet.

"Thanks to the gays on the cabin crew, I am LOCKED," he posted in his Facebook page. If he was so lucky.

Rory's trip had begun so auspiciously too.

The queen of Ireland noted at the start of his flight thus: "Check me out, messaging from 30,000ft somewhere over the Atlantic. Four seats to myself (thanks to the cabin crew), a sneaky champagne before take-off hidden in a coffee cup, a couple of complimentary G&T's, and a sneaky wi-fi code."

That was not all.

"And a bag of Tayto," added Rory on his Facebook page.

"On occasion it's good to be a Notorious Flagrant Homosexual." Quite.

No Storm on Aer Lingus flight to London 

Aoife Walsh

A desperate cynic once called a bride a woman with a fine  prospect of happiness behind her. This will most definitely not be the case for former Miss  Ireland Aoife Walsh's big sister Aisling.

She got married in the Ferrycarrig Hotel in Wexford last month to Ronan. Aoife, pictured - who told me she is "super busy modelling and presenting for Irish TV" -wore a plush pink dress in her capacity as chief bridesmaid.

"We all had a brilliant day in the sunny south-east." I would expect nothing less, frankly, in that part of that world.

Over the Irish Sea last weekend, meanwhile, the weather was just as clement. On Friday evening at 7pm on the Aer Lingus flight to London, there might have been a bit of turbulence but there was no Storms.

There was o Storm Uechtritz, I mean.

Ronan and the kids were flying over to meet up with Storm in London.

Vincent Browne to talk out of his arts at Origin Gallery launch

Some of us think Vincent Browne is non compos mentis. Others think he talks out of his arts. Be that as it may, TV3's endearingly non compos mentis nabob of gob actually seems to know a bit about art.

This I say because zany Vin is officially opening Suzy O'Mullane's exhibition In Thrall To Caitlin at the Origin Gallery on Fitzwilliam Street Upper this Thursday (it runs until May 23).

Artist Suzy was, of course, in thrall once upon a time to artist Mick Mulcahy. They met in Ballinskelligs with Origin Gallery proprietor Dr Noelle Campbell Sharp.

Indeed, Noelle told me that In Thrall to Caitlin alludes to Charles Haughey's fascination with ancient Hibernia and Kathleen NI Houlihan. Suzy, said Noelle, "poses a satirical look at 'the times that were in it' during CJH's reign as a modern-day Chieftain."

Noelle, who was a best friend of Charlie's famous amour, added: "Suzy saw a photo of CJ at my house in Ballinskelligs and it caught her imagination." Clearly.

"Terry," Noelle claimed of Ms Keane, "would not be amused."

Let's see how amused - or otherwise - the poor luvvies at the launch at the Origin Gallery are on Thursday when Vincent starts talking out of his arts.

Twink goes to a social function without Teddy. Is she barking?

She's the crown of the Caca Milis, the queen  of the gateaux, the doyenne of the dainty. . .

But answer me this: where does Twink get the time to bake her globally respected buns?

She seems to be out a lot - and usually with Teddy.

On Monday night she was at luxury dental system Regenerate Enamel Science's swish evening in the Dean Hotel.

The star attended without Teddy, choosing to come with her daughter Naomi instead.

Poor Teddy (the dog) didn't know what he was missing. And if he is reading this, I will tell him. Sitting comfortably, Teddy? I'll begin. . .

Aesthetic dentist Dr Morgan O'Gara, brother of Ronan, gave a talk, as did Rosanna Davison - just back from her birthday weekend in Barcelona with Wes.

Apart from Rosie there was plenty of pulchritude at the party, chief among them models Irma Mali and Teodora Sutra (Teo jetted off to Marbella this week to do a photo-shoot).

Meanwhile, further afield than Marbs, retired sporting legend A.P. McCoy and his wife Chantelle are on holidays in Barbados this week - as are golf godhead Rory McIlroy and his other half, Erica Stoll.

Isn't life grand?

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