Thursday 23 November 2017

So Over: Tweeting Love-birds

Sarah Greene and Aidan Turner
Sarah Greene and Aidan Turner

Is anyone else bored of sleb couples advertising their cuteness on social media? We're not going to name names here, but there is a veritable epidemic of 'adorable' tweets from well-known couples.

"@insertirishslebnamehere Who ate all the raisins?" and "@someothersleb what are the chances of breakfast in bed?" So irritating.

You're in the same house, presumably: just shout it out to them. Most likely you have their mobile number: text them. We don't need a snapshot of your domestic perfection. Now Sarah Greene and Aidan Turner are a different story. They're a couple we can really get behind. Not only do they refrain from SMDA (social media displays of affection) Sarah practically denies even knowing him.

And they've both got that 'don't give a crap' vibe, which makes a refreshing change from all that saccharine bullshit.

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