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So Over: The Tomboy


Model Teo - pared back anti-style

Model Teo - pared back anti-style


Model Teo - pared back anti-style

The Tomboy has taken over from normcore and post-normcore as the latest anti-fashion trend. Everywhere we look these days, there's a lot of androgynous styling going on, but we can't help but find ourselves missing the old days of OTT make-up and ridiculous levels of glam on the sartorial landscape.

We never thought we'd say this but, bring back the bandage dresses - all is forgiven. Everything is just a bit too considered and bland-looking at this point. We're craving a bit of sleaze and glamour.

The problem is that the Tomboy thing really only works if you are seriously good looking in the first place and can afford to do this pared-back anti-style, like model Teo. The rest of us just aren't that fortunate. We need the distraction, in the form of heels, shlap and - what the hell - a bit of glitter, to up our attractiveness ante.

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