Friday 20 July 2018

So over: The newbie healthy eating bore

Non-obsessive attitude: Caroline Morahan
Non-obsessive attitude: Caroline Morahan

We all know one. The Johnny-come-lately healthy-living bore, oversharing their enthusiasm with the rest of us. Constantly obsessing about paleo this, superfood that. Talking incessantly about how they've never felt/slept/looked better. Not that it's about how they look, of course. It's more than that, because obviously, they've evolved beyond mere aesthetics concerns. They have no qualms about blocking up our Instagram feed with endless posts of their latest meal. And, these days, Lycra seems to make up the greater part of their wardrobe.

Meanwhile, the rest of us have been through it all long ago, realised such an approach is unsustainable, that 'superfoods' are a complete myth, and come out the other side.

Take a leaf from the book of Caroline Morahan,. If she's managed to live in LA and maintain a sensible, non-obsessive attitude to food and working out, we here in Ireland need to get a grip.

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