Tuesday 24 April 2018

So over: The myth of internet nastiness

Pippa O Connor
Pippa O Connor

Internet bullying is obviously what we all associate with social media, the lovely Pamela Flood being one of the latest victims of online trolling.

But as far as we can see, social media, done the right way, has the potential to be one big love-in.

Bloggers are nothing but nice to each other, see Pippa O'Connor, one of Ireland's most successful bloggers.

LinkedIn is one big CV-sharing love-in, with everyone endorsing each other willy-nilly. And what's not to like about Instagram? It's people sharing pretty pictures, essentially.

Obviously Facebook is sad, depressing and, lets face it, boring, while Twitter seems to be increasingly acknowledged as the 'Emperor's New Clothes' of social media, so just stay off those two.

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