Thursday 14 December 2017

So over: The intolerant guest

Rachel Allen with her daughter Scarlett
Rachel Allen with her daughter Scarlett

You've killed yourself getting the home-made birthday cake ready. You've stayed up all night getting the house perfect. You've spent a scary amount on the booze for the adults. But it has been worth it, if only for the pictures you're already frantically Instagramming to prove that you live in domestic bliss.

And then there's that one mother who rather sniffily takes in the spread of M&Ms, etc, and announces that little Saidhbh can't eat anything with an E number, that she has an intolerance that's activated by even a hint of nut in the air, and, she informs you with a smug little smile that you'd like to slap from her face, little Saidhbh insists on only eating brown bread.

And then of course, Saidhbh goes mental for the sugar, and turns crazy, unlike the other kids who only eat sugar every so often, and so just get a good buzz. Adopt the sensible attitude to food of our own Rachel Allen with her gorgeous daughter, Scarlett.

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