Tuesday 17 July 2018

So over: Selfie rudeness

Claire Byrne
Claire Byrne

We have made our anti-selfie feelings clear in this space on other occasions (it's vanity gone mad). And for the most part, we can avoid the selfie plague by not following you online.

But selfie-etiquette has gone out of control. On numerous occasions of late, we've been mid-conversation when the other person has stopped, whipped out their phone, angled their head, checked the light, pouted their lips, and come over all Kim Kardashian.

It's over before we quite realise what's happened - the urge to take a selfie has overcome normal manners. Without skipping a beat, it's back to the conversation, as if nothing has happened.

Post an endless stream of selfies online if you must. We can avoid those. Just don't force it on us mid-conversation. It makes you appreciate those who have resisted the online life, such as Claire Byrne.

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