Monday 22 January 2018

So over: Off-the-shoulder frilly blouses

Daniella Moyles.
Daniella Moyles.

So frilly, so flouncy, so horrif. There are several style influences at play with the off-the-shoulder frilly blouse (OTSFB), none of which is desirable, even individually, and are even less so when blended together and distilled into one regrettable garment, a garment that is sadly ubiquitous this summer.

Frankly, we've hit frill-fatigue already, and it's only June.

The fash flavours that make up the OTSFB are Zorro-era Catherine Zeta-Jones meets Darling Buds of May-era Catherine Zeta-Jones, with a dash of bad 80s bridal party.

Too much - or any - Zeta-Jones is not good.

Fact is, few of us possess the clavicle definition and upper-arm toning to achieve the desired effect of looking willowy and lost in the OTSFB, a la Daniella Moyles, pictured. Instead, we look like frilly, flabby sacks. Avoid.

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