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So Over: Going Viral


Nadia Forde

Nadia Forde

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Nadia Forde

We are pretty tired of stuff 'going viral'. The phrase itself has begun to lose all meaning in the wake of such ridiculous things as 'guitar player plays guitar in taxi' and 'hamster eats tiny burritos' going viral.

If going viral is a measure of the zeitgeist and what is on our cultural agenda, then the outlook for humanity seems bleak. The content that captures our imaginations and spreads infectiously online is a pretty sad reflection of our interests as a society. Most recently, Nadia Forde saw her behind-the-scenes video for FHM get over 25,000 hits on YouTube, which is definitely considered 'going viral' in Irish celeb terms, though, posted a couple of days later, a video entitled 'Irish Traveller bare-knuckle boxing fight 1' had received no views at the time of going to press, so maybe there is some hope for us, after all.

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