Friday 23 March 2018

So Over: Everyone's a Comedian (on the net)

Amy Huberman
Amy Huberman

Is anyone else finding the somewhat overstated comedic stylings of Amy Huberman are seriously starting to grate?

Don't get us wrong; The Hube is adorbs and all. She is a seriously talented woman, plus we enjoy a clever wordplay as much as the next person; it's more the media coverage of her penchant for punning that is wearing us down.

Of course, this is not particularly The Hube's fault. Every time Amy strays near Instagram or Twitter with a 140-character funny, it has the unfortunate effect of initiating a flurry of 'Hilarious Hube Makes Joke'-style 12-word articles for content-starved online publishers.

Even The Hube must be growing weary of the relentless coverage. Journalists of the internet, know this: 'zany' tweets about Brian O'Driscoll's 'dad BOD' do not an article make.

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