Friday 15 November 2019

So Over: Black Opaque Tights

Amy Huberman
Amy Huberman

Black opaque tights are a wardrobe staple that we wish we could eliminate forever. One of our biggest pet-peeves is BOTs under denim cut-offs - students, we've noticed, are the biggest offenders in this category.

Also - and this is going to sound pretty harsh - but people use  BOTs as a kind of carte blanche to get away with wearing unforgiving styles that just don't suit them. If you are buying your denim cut-offs in a size 18, for example, then maybe, just maybe, shorts are not for you. Wearing a pair of BOTs under them is not going to change that.

Lastly, nothing gives us more rage than seeing a pair of black opaque tights out of season. We know that bare legs in summer is a commitment,  but if you care about the clothes at all, don't do them the disservice of tights - it drags the whole outfit down. We thought Hubes was better than this.

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