Thursday 26 April 2018

So over: Beauty pageants

Miss Donegal Grainne Gallanagh
Miss Donegal Grainne Gallanagh

It's 2016. How are beauty pageants still a thing? Perhaps some would suggest there is a certain irony in criticising beauty pageants on the style pages, but we maintain these pages are a celebration of fashion - the beautiful things that make life that bit more fun and artful.

Plus, we're not pretending to be anything else. We're not claiming to be furthering the feminist agenda - we just really like nice boots, see right. Beauty pageants, on the other hand, have begun trying to masquerade themselves as a host of worthy things - none of which, in fact, have anything to do with women simultaneously walking and waving, while wearing a fetching sash.

Let's not kid ourselves: beauty pageants are not about empowering women, or celebrating women in business, or whatever. No disrespect to the ballsy participants - see Miss Donegal Grainne Gallanagh, pictured, rocking a glam red-carpet look - but can we please ditch the cynical marketing line?

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