Monday 19 March 2018

'Your past experience in the bedroom brings something to your marriage'

Mum-of-one Erica O'Reilly (24), who works in Toys for Joys adult store in Blanchardstown, admits she's asked her fiance his magic number -- but says the answer made no difference to how she feels about him.

"When you meet 'The One', all your past relationships fade into insignificance. So whether you've slept with one or 1,000 people, I don't think it matters at all.

"If anything, your past experience in the bedroom only brings something to your marriage. Before I met my fiance Fran, I'd had a few flings -- but I was never in love. With him, it's totally different.

"We asked each other's 'magic number', just out of curiosity, but it hasn't made any difference to our relationship. The idea of remaining a virgin until you get married has gone out with the Indians.

"Irish people have become a lot more open-minded. People used to think that sex shops were dark, seedy little places full of dirty old men, for instance.

"Since Toys for Joys opened in December, though, we've had lots of women in their twenties coming in to buy sexy lingerie, toys and 'vajazzle' stickers -- and they're certainly not just doing that for themselves.

"Once it's safe and consensual, what's the harm?

"I also do home parties for the store -- and there's one game we play where the girls write down their magic number on a piece of paper, pass it around and stick one on their forehead so the others can guess who it belongs to.

"Nothing shocks me -- I've seen everything from '0' to '50'. When you get married, as far as I'm concerned, you start afresh -- and I fully intend to wear a big white dress. I'd never dream of marrying someone I hadn't slept with. After all, you need a few practice laps before the race!"

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