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You just can't measure a relationship in years

PR executives Colm and Alison Ó Riagáin from Dun Laoghaire may have 'married in haste'. But now expecting their second child, Alison (36) says they're certainly not 'repenting at leisure'.

"Colm and I met when we were both working on the St. Patrick's Festival in 2005 and were together by the last night of the festival!

"With the same interests and sense of humour, we just seemed to fit. No one was really shocked when we moved in together a few months later. In May 2008, we welcomed our little boy Lughán into our lives.

"By that stage, we were already a family so taking ages to make it official didn't make sense. Colm proposed in our back garden in September and we got married in December.

"I suppose getting engaged and married within three months does sound mad. We both work in PR though, and three months is actually a long time to plan a party!

"I don't think you can measure the strength of a relationship in years.

"My grandparents -- who were married for over 50 years before my grandad passed away -- wed within six months of meeting. But we also recently attended the wedding of another great couple who took 12 years to say 'I do'! Colm and I definitely fell into the 'when you know, you know' category.

"Marriage is not easy and we've had our ups and downs. With our newest addition due in a month though, we're proof that you don't have to repent in leisure if you marry in haste!"

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