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Would you take a #FirstDateSelfie?


 A couple takes a selfie

A couple takes a selfie

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A couple takes a selfie

Selfies are taking over the dating world.

If it wasn't enough that #AfterSexSelfies became a thing this year, watch out for #FirstDateSelfies.

Couples in the very, very early stages of their romance are snapping photos of themselves for Instagram - but why remains unclear.

And experts have warned it could put an unnecessary strain on an already awkward situation.

At Santa Monica pier #firstdateselfie

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Dating expert Tracey Steinberg told the New York Post: “First dates are light and casual, two strangers sharing a cappuccino. There’s no need to broadcast.”

“Being in the moment is what the first date is all about.“Taking any time away from that, you’re no longer in the moment and not at your best.”

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