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Women in protest through the years

•In 1968 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, hundreds of women protested the Miss America Pageant by tossing tweezers, high heels and bras -- symbols of objectification -- into a bin. (Bra burning at this event, however, is a myth.)

•Toronto was at the centre of a scandal in 1979 when Women Against Violence Against Women denounced a police report stating that just 140 out of 337 reported rapes were 'unprovoked', and that promiscuous behaviour was often a factor.

•Taking the shock factor to the next level are the recent topless protests against sex tourism in the Ukraine carried out by Kiev-based group FEMEN.

"If we staged simple protests with banners our voices would not be heard," said one organiser.

•Reclaim the Night, an international rally in opposition to violence against women in public at night, has been running in several guises since 1976. A special event was held in Ipswich in 2006 after the murder of five prostitutes.

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