Sunday 17 December 2017

'With the amount of hair I find, my wife should be bald by now' - couples reveal what it's really like moving in together

A couple celebrating moving in to a new home
A couple celebrating moving in to a new home

Sarah Young

Moving in, shacking up. Whatever you want to call it, it’s a big step, so you need to make sure you know what you’re letting yourself in for.

Sharing your home with your significant other changes your relationship for sure and, while some of these changes are good, you have to be prepared for the bad.

A recent thread on the popular discussion forum Reddit has exposed the realities of what life is like when you finally take the plunge and move in together.

From the way you organise books to who does what chore, the smallest quirks can become grating. But, it’s not all bad, right?

Aside from a serious lack of toilet roll, the main source of contention seemed to be the invasive presence of hair.

“Hair. Hair everywhere,” one person proclaimed.

Another added, “With the amount of hair that is everywhere, my wife should be bald by now. I don’t understand it.”

It’s not just women who are to blame here, though, with one woman proving her partner is just as culpable: “His beard hair is something I find… IN MY OWN HAIR. In my food. In the sink. In the drain. Everywhere.”

As expected, cleanliness ranked pretty high too, with users declaring frustration at the amount of mess their partners make.

“When I lived alone, my apartment was always spotless. Girlfriend moves in, and messes accumulate everywhere,” one person wrote. “The weird thing is that it’s not just her messes.

"I’m making messes and leaving them everywhere too. How do I get the old me back?”

Of course, these things work both ways and, while some were struggling, others found that moving in with their partner actually improved their bad habits.

“Why is everyone on Reddit the more clean, considerate, and responsible one in a relationship or group of friends? After moving in with my gf, I realised I’m a slob who doesn’t clean up after himself at all.”

Other bad points included less ‘me time’, privacy and an undue knowledge of each other’s bathroom habits — but there are some positives to moving in together.

One thing that most people claimed changed the most was their inability to be apart from each other for long periods of time.

“I look forward to my gf going out of town because I can play tons of video games, act like a slob, and get hammered. After a day of doing this,I'm already over it and start to miss her terribly,” someone admitted.

Others agreed, stating that while hours are fine, days without their significant other are more difficult.

“Once I get done watching the show that I know he will never want to watch with me (fun), then I just eat junk food and miss him (not fun),” another confessed.

“Home no longer feels like home without them there.


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