Sunday 19 November 2017

What the readers say

Are you crazy? Getting together with a manager is a bad idea at the best of times, never mind when you've only been at the company for five minutes! Imagine her horror if you've got it all wrong, and the embarrassment you'll feel working with her if she knocks you back. And don't think your other colleagues won't pick up on it either, even if your manager says nothing to them. Don't ruin your career when it's only just starting!

Anna, Blackrock

It sounds as if she's got the hots for this fresh young blood that's just walked in the office, but whatever you do, don't go there! I made that mistake in a previous job and ended up having to leave. It was all fine at first, but then it got complicated when my team thought I was getting preferential treatment and I realised things weren't working out anyway. When I dumped her, she ended up taking it out on me professionally.

Cormac, Co Dublin

You only live once, son -- go for it!

Dermot, Co Wexford

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