Wednesday 29 January 2020

What happened when an American woman proposed to her boyfriend (in Ireland)

American post-graduate student Katy Miller set the perfect proposal for her partner, including flying him to Ireland for the big day.

After insisting she didn't want an engagement all, Miller said she found herself getting caught up in the prospect of their future together and couldn't resist the temptation for a romantic proposal - no matter which one of them was getting down on one knee'.

And after their big moment in April, she said most people thought it was an April Fools' Joke.

Katy is studying her MA in Contemporary literature at the University of Manchester and arranged for her boyfriend to fly to Ireland to set the scene.

To give a little background, Tim and I first met at a little Irish pub in the American city we were both living in at the time," Katy wrote in an essay on the Huffington Post.

"This prompted my proposal idea, which was to fly him to Ireland and ask him to marry me in a lovely little craft beer pub in a residential area of Dublin with a pint glass I had had made. The outside pint glass would say, "Tim, after you finish this pint, I'm going to ask you a question..." while the bottom of the inside which would show after the pint was all gone would read "...will you marry me?"

"When the moment did come, I nervously ordered us a few pints before I had the courage to fetch the glass out of my handbag and go downstairs to meekly ask the bartender to pour a pint into it. He looked skeptical but did as I asked.

When I came back upstairs with the pint, I giddily sat there until Tim had drunk enough of it to read the words on the side of the glass. Actually, I impatiently chugged half of the porter until he could read the words. He said, "of course."

They are still planning on a small, intimate wedding but Katy said she would do it all over again if she had the choice.

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