Friday 23 March 2018

We rode into the sunset on our Harleys

Web designer Eddie Stack (50) from Westmeath was separated for two decades before getting a divorce. Now remarried to fellow divorcee Glenda, here he explains why.

"I was separated from my ex-wife about 20 years before I got a divorce. I looked into it, but was told it would cost at least €5,000 each to go through a solicitor if everything was agreeable -- if not a lot more. Financially, that just wasn't an option.

"Although we were fully separated for two decades, we were officially still married. I suppose I had no reason to pursue a divorce because I hadn't met anyone else. In some ways, maybe it stopped us from moving on.

"Then about 2002, I met Glenda at a web development course I was teaching. She was in a similar situation -- separated but not yet divorced.

"The fact that I was technically still married wasn't an issue for her -- when you tell someone you're separated from your wife for 20 years, it's usually not a problem! After I proposed to Glenda, we had a reason to get our respective divorces. Using a website called which I designed, I bypassed solicitor's fees by acting as my own litigator in court -- and got divorced for €600.

"Like most people at the time, I was 18 when I got married. I had no qualms about getting married for a second time -- by now, I should know what I'm doing. Glenda and I got married last year and now run our own web design company ES Digital Media.

"I've been a motorbike fanatic all my life and after teaching Glenda how to ride a bike, I bought her a Harley-Davidson for her birthday in 2009. For our honeymoon, we rode around Europe with 18 other bikers to a Harley festival in Switzerland.

"That probably isn't your average woman's idea of romance, but I suppose you could say we rode off into the sunset on our Harleys!"


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