Tuesday 20 March 2018

'We got a bit of friendly slagging from the staff'

It's not all tales of scandal and water-cooler heartache, some 22% of office romances end up with employees getting married.

Belfast-based communications manager Victoria Sloss (38) met her husband, managing executive Nigel Tilson (46), when they worked together on the same newspaper. They turned an office romance into happy ever after and are now married with two children, Hannah (8) and Lilah (2). Victoria says:

"I started working with Nigel in 1996 when he was an editor and I was a reporter. We were supposed to go out as an office for drinks but everyone else cancelled, so it ended up just the two of us. We were laughing about how the other staff would be talking about us and Nigel asked me: 'Do you think it would be unethical to go out with your boss?' I said 'no' and then he asked me out for dinner!

"We kept it quiet at first in work, but someone spotted us at the cinema. Nigel had already spoken to his manager to check there wasn't a problem with us dating, which there wasn't.

"We got a bit of friendly slagging from the rest of the staff but no real hassle. Unfortunately, I found Nigel started being harder on me, just so no one could accuse him of favouritism.

"We got married in 1999 and just after that Nigel moved into a different job. It definitely felt like a healthier relationship when he wasn't my boss any more and made it easier for us to draw a line between work life and home.

"I'd definitely recommend meeting someone through work; there are a lot of pros, such as spending time together, knowing the same people and understanding work pressures -- but it's probably easier if it's not your boss!"

Irish Independent

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