Wednesday 26 June 2019

Tinder's most right-swiped man shares online dating tips

Stefan-Pierre Tomlin was named Tinder’s “most right-swiped” man last year
Stefan-Pierre Tomlin was named Tinder’s “most right-swiped” man last year

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If anyone knows the secret to finding love online, it’s Stefan-Pierre Tomlin, who was named Tinder’s “most right-swiped” man last year.

The 27-year-old model is now in a relationship with 25-year-old Gemma Fowler, whom he met on the dating app on Valentine’s Day in 2017 after a two-year-long stint of being single.

Working as a TV presenter and social media influencer, Tomlin dubs himself a “dating expert” and champions online dating as the best way to find love today.

For Tomlin, the key to dating app success is a short and snappy bio: "Try to be funny or intriguing so it invites people to open a conversation," he told

"Women love funny guys, so inject some humour and it will definitely boost your profile."

However, some super-swipers may not even give your bio the time of day, given that it requires that little bit of extra mechanical effort (tapping elsewhere on the screen), so your choice of profile photo is vital too.

"Food in your mouth is a big no," Tomlin said, "avoid group photos in the first three pictures and don't be afraid to add ones with pets, some people think they're cute!

"Try to make every picture a different scenario, so not all clubbing or holidays - change it up. Include some where you look smart and others where you look more casual."

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Of course, crafting the perfect opening line is crucial too.

Tomlin revealed that in his single days he would examine the profiles of his matches in minute detail to find relatable topics to discuss, that way you establish common ground from the outset.

"Never talk about exes," he adds, "or places you have been with an ex."

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While some dating app users will indulge in idle chatter about their careers and the weather for weeks on end without meeting, the model advises arranging a real-life date as soon as possible.

"If the conversation is moving forward, try to arrange to meet as quickly as you can, otherwise the butterfly buzz feeling may dissolve. A couple of days should give you enough time to work out if this is someone you see potential with, but a week is too long."

The most important thing though, Tomlin stresses, is to be original.

There are an estimated 50 million users on Tinder and roughly 23 million on Bumble - that's a lot of competition.

"Try to be unique and think of ways to stand out from the millions of others on there," he concludes.

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