Sunday 19 November 2017

This woman reveals the exact moment she knew her husband was having an affair

Caitlin McBride

Caitlin McBride

A woman has written an open letter to her husband's mistress revealing the exact moment she knew he was having an affair.

The Australian woman, who has chosen to remain anonymous, detailed her husband's growing relationship with the other woman, which she had her suspicions about for months.

It started with smaller details...

"One day he lugged home three bags of activated nuts from the markets you'd bought for him and threw them in my pantry," she began.

Then: "Another day it was blueberry muffins you'd baked for our snacks. How helpful. How sweet, he remarked."

But her a'-ha' moment?

"The day you casually picked up my husband's iPhone and tapped in his code to take an Insta [sic], I felt sick. I didn't know his code.

"You were oblivious to my gut-wrenching aha moment and your blatant over-familiarity."

It sounds like the husband and mistress worked together due to the late nights he would put in at the office.

"I became thinner, blonder, a better cook and more capable mother. But nothing, nothing could change his vacant stare when he was around me," she added on

"What did I find? Yes, as he insisted, he was always, always in his office – working flat out, for us."

"What was so much more important that he would miss night after night of two delightful toddlers splashing in a bubble bath, slurping yoghurt and reading fairy tales?"

In the end, she said confronted both parties but they said she was "crazy" before separating with her husband.

"You don't yet understand the pain of your tiny children asking you where Daddy is, every single night," she added.

"And then finally having to tell them he’s never coming home again.

"One day, maybe three years from now or maybe ten, you'll be sitting at home with a cold dinner in front of you and a cold glass of wine in your hand while your children sleep, wondering where your husband is."

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