Monday 22 January 2018

The Male Perspective

David Coffey, actor and writer of 'Singlehood'

(March 1-2 in Vicar Street, Dublin)

Telling a girl not to get in touch with a guy is a terrible rule. Some guys are just a bit slow on the uptake, and aren't that quick to take action on things. Maybe they're shy or lazy, but it doesn't mean they're not interested.

If someone made the first move on me, I'd be delighted. My sister chased her now-husband down and it totally worked out for her. If she hadn't, maybe that relationship wouldn't have happened at all.

If anyone took the whole 'posting on my Facebook wall' thing too far, I wouldn't be impressed. Again, it depends on how much I like the girl, though.

It works both ways, though; I comment on the Facebook posts of people I fancy. I hope that's not being too scary.

Mike Sheridan, editor of

I think every situation is different and people can tell if the chemistry is there or not, pretty much off the bat.

If someone misreads a situation, then it can get embarrassing. But if I liked someone and was a little shy, I'd be hoping they'd make the first move.

In general, Irish guys are probably a little shy when it comes to women – unless there's some Dutch courage involved.

There's always an argument for the 'chase' aspect, but that's probably something that dies off as you mature into your mid-20s or so.

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