Friday 23 March 2018


James Delingpole

"I have been married since last June and have already told lots of little white lies. Sometimes men just have to lie. For example, I was playing cricket with my mates, which my wife -- who was then my girlfriend -- knew about. I left all of my kit locked in the clubhouse. The game went on for a while, and when we finally finished I went back to my bag to find I had 26 missed calls, 11 text messages and seven voicemails, which started off asking 'Where are you?' and culminated in 'Why are you avoiding me? The marriage is off'.

"So I had a good laugh at that with the guys, rang her back and reminded her where I had been. But she was still angry and wanted me to go straight home, via Gourmet Burger Kitchen. A couple of beers later, I raced to GBK, bought the food and went home, blaming the delay on a queue.

"Ultimately, little white lies like that don't hurt anyone. I think the only thing that would upset her is if she found out how many partners I had before we were married. She would think less of me."

Irish Independent

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